INTL UPDATE: Greece 23-3-16


22/03 DW correspondent Bernd Riegert reports on deadly explosions in Brussels 
The national security council of Belgium has raised the terror alert to level four. Air travel to Brussel΄s Zaventem airport – one of Europe΄s busiest – and train travel have been halted. All roads to the airport have been closed, more evacuations are taking place and the Prime Minister has urged all Belgians to stay at home.
21/03 Greek market ends down 
Athens Stock Exchange fell by 1.25% on Monday, on lower volumes as an advanced emerging market in FTSE’s books ended with losses for most blue chips. In total 50 stocks went up, 47 sustained losses and 21 remained unchanged.
21/03 ND polling 3.8% ahead of Syriza in new poll by Alco 
ND is shown at 21.1% (vs. 21.3% in mid-January), with Syriza at 17.3% (vs. 18% in January).
21/03 Significant progress on income tax and pension reforms, IMF and Eurogoup say 
Following yesterday’s meetings, the Institutions’ mission chiefs left Athens yesterday as there will be a break in the talks due to the Catholic Easter holiday. Talks are expected to resume on 2 April.
21/03 Can Greece cope with the consequences of the EU-Turkey refugee deal? 
As part of the new deal between the EU and Turkey, the Greek government wants to bring thousands of refugees from its Aegean islands to the mainland. But shelters there are ill-prepared, as Panagiotis Kouparanis reports.
21/03 Obama makes history with Havana visit 
First came the pope, and now Obama: The US president is making a historic visit to Cuba. The process of rapprochement between the two former arch foes has advanced far enough that it cannot simply be undone.
18/03 Greek market ends down 
Athens Stock Exchange fell by 3.29% on Friday, on higher volumes, as the closing auction inflicted big losses on the majority of stocks ahead of the FTSE index rebalancing.
18/03 Turkish foreign ministry reacts angrily to Greek, Armenian comments 
In a joint press conference during the Armenian official’s visit, Tsipras spoke of the Armenian and Pontic-Greek genocide, which form part of the two countries’ common past.
18/03 Unemployment rate at 24.4% in Q4’15 
According to Hellenic Statistical Authority.
18/03 Labour minister says progress was achieved in talks with institutions 
“More headway could be made on Saturday”.
18/03 Moscovici: ‘Working hard in Athens’ to reach deal with government 
EU Commissioner said the Commission is working hard to achieve an agreement between the quartet of institutions and the Greek government in the negotiations which are underway in Athens.
18/03 EU migrant deal with Turkey in sight at Brussels summit 
Gathered for a make-or-break summit on clinching a migrant deal with Turkey, EU leaders have agreed their position. The bloc will now deliver their proposal to Turkish leaders. Andrea Ronsberg reports from Brussels.
17/03 Greek market ends down 
Folli-Follie Group (+3.03%), Titan (+2.26%) and Terna Energy (+1.59%) were the top outperformers, while Lamda Development (-3.60%), Eurobank (-3.96%) and Alpha Bank (-6.15%) were the top underperformers.
17/03 Maros Sefcovic: The plan for ADMIE is a key deliverable for the ongoing review 
The energy reforms in Greece are at the core of the economic adjustment programme and are to be implemented for the benefit of all customers says the Vice President of the European Comission Maros Sefcovic in an exclusive interview with
17/03 FinMin targets Friday for agreement on the fiscal front 
No deal was finally clinched with the tax-free threshold being the key pending concern.
17/03 Merkel urges pan-European approach that does not abandon Greece 
She said that alot of work needed to be done and that Turkey΄s accession was not on the agenda in the short term.
17/03 Tsipras discusses refugee crisis with UNHCR΄s Angelina Jolie 
He presented the refugee issue and noted the difficult situation which has been created at Greece’s northern border.
17/03 Refugees in Greek limbo fear return to Turkey 
As the EU and Turkey discuss a plan that would see migrants returned to Turkey, many asylum seekers already in Greece say they would resist such an outcome at all costs. Pavlos Zafiropoulos reports from Athens.
16/03 Greek market ends down 
Athens Stock Exchange fell by 1.31% on Wednesday, on lower volumes, as the political dispute between the two parties that support the coalition government worried investors, leading to losses for the majority of stocks on the Greek bourse.
16/03 Greek migration minister urged to resign over Macedonia blunder 
The Greek defence minister, Panos Kammenos, has called on the migration minister to resign.





16/03 Deutsche Borse, LSE agree ΄merger of equals΄ 
The new company will maintain headquarters in Frankfurt and London.
16/03 Half of Greeks are in debt to the tax authorities 
Almost 50% of taxpayers have debts to the tax authorities.
16/03 Angelina Jolie΄s visit to Lesvos postponed until Wednesday 
Jolie, who acts as UNHCR΄s Goodwill Ambassador, will visit the refugee camps in Moria and Kara Tepe.
15/03 Greek market ends up 
Athens Stock Exchang ends 2.31% higher on Tuesday on higher volumes thanks to the progress in talks between the government and the country’s creditors. In total 70 stocks posted gains, 32 took losses and 13 closed unchanged.
15/03 Fitch affirms Greece at “CCC”; warned risks to the program remain high and further deadlocks in negotiations are possible 
Fitch Ratings has affirmed Greece΄s Long-term foreign and local currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) at ΄CCC΄. The issue ratings on Greece΄s long-term senior unsecured foreign and local currency bonds have also been affirmed at ΄CCC΄
15/03 Central banker: Greek debt talks may start Apr 15; country will repay 3.5 bln to ECB in July 
The debate on the reduction of Greece’s public debt is likely to start the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) spring meeting on April 15, the country’s central banker Yiannis Stounaras said in an interview with Italian paper “Il Sole 24 ore” on Sunday.
15/03 Greek gov΄t calls refugees to ignore idle information 
The Management Mechanism΄s spokesman Yorgos Kyritsis also called the volunteers organizations and those who are solidary to this cause to cooperate with the Greek Authorities to the scope of a credible and correct information of the refugees.
11/03 Greek market ends up 
GEKTERNA (+1.94%), Terna Energy (+1.69%) and Eurobank (+1.58%) were the top outperformers, while Athens Water (-2.26%), Aegean Airlines (-2.65%) and National Bank (-2.97%) were the top underperformers.
11/03 Tsipras: Humanitarian crisis in Idomeni a European issue 
“The Greek state despite the economic difficulties has managed to increase the hosting and accommodation possibilities for refugees, we are constructing approximately 10,000 positions this week and this is something that no non-governmental organisation can do”.
10/03 Greek market ends up 
Piraeus Bank (+12.50%), Eurobank (+9.04%) and Alpha Bank (+8.62%) were the top outperformers, while Jumbo (-0.36%), OPAP (-0.62%) and Titan (-1.06%) were the top underperformers.
10/03 OECD: Greece needs to recover growth to address economic and social challenges 
Boosting economic growth and investment to create jobs, improving the stability of public finances and providing an effective social safety net are crucial to help Greece recover from the profound social costs of the economic crisis, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in its latest report.
10/03 Greek unemployment rate fell to 24 pct in Dec 
Hellenic Statistical Authority said.
10/03 Tsipras has phone contact with Russian President Putin 
They discussed the regional developments, the refugees issue as well as the economic and energy relations.
09/03 Greek market ends down 
Athens Stock Exchange fell by 1.97% on Wednesday, on lower volumes considering significant short term gains across the board. In total 28 stocks recorded gains, 65 registered losses and 20 remained unchanged.
09/03 Sea cruise association expects less passengers this year 
Regarding migrants and refugees temporarily accomodated in the port΄s passenger terminals.
09/03 Private sector employment up in January-Febuary‏ 
According to a monthly report by the Ergani IT system of the Labour ministry.
09/03 Greece needs nominal debt haircut to recover, head of Parliament΄s State Budget Office says 
Greece΄s debt as a proportion of GDP was double the average in Europe and a sign of the Greek economy΄s failure, as well as indicating that the country needs a reduction of its nominal debt in order to recover, Panagiotis Liargovas told MPs.
09/03 Tsipras: Aegean must become a sea of peace, cooperation and stability 
He said on Tuesday, during joint statements with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu in Izmir.
08/03 Greek market ends up 
Athens Stock Exchange ends higher on Tuesday for the 9th consecutive session reflecting market optimism over quick completion of the 1st review of the Greek bailout program and debt haircut speculation.


Ellaktor: Participates in the construction of the TAP in Greece 
The project will be completed within 2 years.

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